OpenGL with Mcmillan Installer?

Michael Peuser mpeuser at
Sun Aug 24 00:20:55 CEST 2003

I encountered two problems with Mcmillan's Installer when trying to make a
distribution from an OpenGL/Tk program.

(1) This part of the Tk interface seems to be to hard: The exe does not find
Togl (I copied the .dll manually, but that did not help any...)
(Lines 71 - 82 from __init__ )
# add this file's directory to Tcl's search path
# on Linux Togl is installed in ./linux2-tk8.0
# on Windows (Python2.0) in ./win32-tk8.3'lappend', 'auto_path', os.path.join( \
             os.path.dirname(__file__), \
             sys.platform + "-tk" + _default_root.getvar("tk_version")))
try:'load {} Togl')
except TclError:
       pass'package', 'require', 'Togl')

Any idea?

(2) The dist-directory is full of FOX, wx and Pygame/SDL garbage. I can
remove that of course, but maybe someone already has a coustumized
Installer.spec template for this ???

Thank you for your help
Michael P

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