Style question...

Anthony Roberts anthonyr-at-hotmail-dot-com at
Thu Aug 28 07:00:02 CEST 2003

> Agreed.  If you're going to write code in a particular language, you
> should fully embrace the language and its style, or move on to something
> that you feel more comfortable with.  These kind of crutches will only
> serve to bite you later -- they aren't panaceas, and you may forget to
> use them or be hobbled when interacting with someone else's code (where
> you're not going to convince others to use your crutches).  There's also
> an indirect effect; if I'm reading someone else's Python code, and, say,
> see someone using semicolons as statement delimiters on every line, I'm
> not exactly going to be struck with a great deal of confidence.

It sits better with me if I have a good idea why I'm doing it.

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