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Grant Edwards grante at
Mon Aug 25 22:26:14 CEST 2003

In article <f2rkkv8fsc1olm7bsbmeo281plci6nh657 at>, Afanasiy wrote:
> On Mon, 25 Aug 2003 13:42:00 -0500, sismex01 at wrote:
>>>  Returning a struct in C is
>>>  easier to deal with than returning a near-mystery tuple in Python.
>>You *really* *must* *be* *kidding*.
> Last post on this topic, I knew it would get all retarded.

Not "all retarded" -- just one post.

> Try to figure out what I am actually saying before reading "C
> is easier than Python". Since I cannot explain this well enough
> to satisfy, I am giving up.

Relax.  Everybody else understood what you wrote.  c.l.p is
better than most groups, but this is Usenet. No matter what you
write, somebody is going to interpret it as a proposal to cook
and eat babies.

> I will not post again, feel free to post your snide personal
> attacks now hounds.

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