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Fri Aug 15 11:08:38 CEST 2003

Hi Alex,

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> Michael Peuser wrote:
>    ...
> > There are some commercial GUI Builders out of the normal budget.
> By the way, I hear that PythonWorks is "out of development" but they're
> still selling licenses to existing customers only.

This is what they say on their pages - I ask in this group some days ago
about the state (especially of the uiToolkit) but there were no replies so

> ..... I wonder if there is
> any chance the Tkinter GUI builder that came with it may be freed...

This would be great because it would give us a very profesional IDE. I am
even willing - let's have a look in my purse - yes, about 25 $/Euro for it

> > Free ones are Black Adder for Qt, BoaConstructor for wx and some stuff
> > like PAGE or SpecTIX for TIX.
> BlackAdder isn't free -- it's cheap but still commercial.  If and only
> if you're under the conditions for using the GPL license for Qt &c --
> basically if you're developing GPL for free operating systems, I think
> that's a fair summary -- you can use Trolltech's own QtDesigner and
> then pyuic to generate Python from the resulting XML file (that's more
> or less what BlackAdder does nowadays, though in a more integrated way:
> it uses an external QtDesigner rather than trying to "embed" it as it
> once did in earlier versions).

Quite true. Although I like Qt very much and rate it highes among the
existing GUI-Toolkits - the quite license situation is somwhat annoying.
There is not only Trolltech involved but another company (Riverbank, I
think) for the Python bindings.
BTW the scientitific plot package PyQwt is great.

> Alex

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