Aspect oriented Everything?

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Fri Aug 22 23:16:12 CEST 2003


Aspect oriented Software development seems to be expanding in the
popular vision of developers, with more and more IDE 'add-ons' and
even more specialized tools,Jboss etc.
I've seen more and more languages integrate AOP,AspectJ (Java),
AspectR(Ruby)etc.Aspect oriented does seem to be the place to go from
a developer standpoint.What I want to know is,if anybody on a
commercial scale is using AOSD to develop commercial products? Is an
Open Source development ever going to gain the trust of industry? It
may be ok for personal projects and other Open Source material but
will your bank ever accept it? Is it the fact that AOP is new and, for
most,confusing or is it the fact that AOP has developed in the
environment it has.i.e Open Source,that may dissuade commercial
development shops from accepting AOP.

What are the main features that may lead to AOSD adoption? Is AOP the
next step on from OOP? Is it another chance for some of the lesser
utilised languages to step up to Java and C++? Your opinions on the
subject would be appreciated? Design features are one thing but
widespread adoption is another, or is it?

Anything you care to add on the subject would be appreciated on this
short questionnaire.
                           Thank you for your participation.

                                           Shane Hassan.

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