ClientCookie bug (followup)

Anand Pillai pythonguy at
Wed Aug 20 12:42:35 CEST 2003

Hi John

   I wanted to add cookies support to harvestman, your module
looked ideal for it.

   'We', nothing royal about it. It is just me and my friend
& co-developer Nirmal Chidambaram. Apparently he has found
a way around some of the bugs in Clientcookie. He has written
a new module using the existing Cookie module of python &
urllib2. One of the problems 'we' had with Clientcookie is that
it uses its own 'urlopen' methods which does not fit our
applications needs, so 'we' had to find a way around it.

   Once the code is ready, I will post it on my webpage, and
of course it is not a module in itself, so I think an
announcement to is out of place.



jjl at (John J. Lee) wrote in message news:<87ada5de3j.fsf at>...
> pythonguy at (Anand Pillai) writes:
> > I am working on a Cookie module which works *with* urllib2 rather
> > than on top of it like the existing ClientCookie module. It uses
> > the Cookie module which comes with python standard library. 
> Interesting, though I don't know quite what you mean.
> First, if there's a way to work more closely with urllib2 than I've
> figured out (which is quite possible), this patch needs to know about
> it, so please post a comment:
> If I understand what you mean, ClientCookie only works 'on top of'
> rather than 'with' urllib2 to the extent that it currently has to
> cut-n-paste code to add cookie handling to urllib2.  That patch is
> designed to remove the need to cut-n-paste, which would mean you'd do
> urllib2.urlopen (after building an OpenerDirector that has an
> HTTPCookieProcessor from ClientCookie) instead of ClientCookie.urlopen
> as is required at present.
> Seco
nd: is your module intended to do what ClientCookie does
> (ie. figure out what cookies should be set and returned, and do so),
> or is it just a more OO way of getting and returning Cookie headers?
> I guess the latter?
> > This module is written as an extension of my Harvestman webcrawler.
> > The alpha code is ready. We are doing testing right now.
> Is this the Royal We?  ;-)
> > Details will be posted to my website at
> > within say 2 weeks or so.
> [...]
> Please do post an announcement to, or I'll forget.
> John

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