OT: Ocaml?

Arne Koewing ark at gmx.net
Sat Aug 23 23:04:21 CEST 2003

Paul Rubin <http://phr.cx@NOSPAM.invalid> writes:

> Anyone here use OCAML?  How do you like it?  Is it a language a
> Pythonista can learn to love?  From what little I've seen, it looks
> interesting, but I haven't actually tried installing or using it yet.
Yes and I think it's a great language, but it's a little bit harder
to start learning it. (you must learn how to read the types).
But you get a very 'save' language with a very  efficient compiler.

I use OCAML whenever I need to write something that needs to be
fast (it replaced C++ for me)

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