Python's biggest compromises

Andy C ayc8NOSPAM at
Sat Aug 2 22:21:50 CEST 2003

> > it isn't to a compiler).  OTOH, *Python's* scheme is inferior to a
> > pure-space-character indentation scheme because off the tab-vs.-space
> > issue :-(
> Well, that's been recognized as a problem for a long time. I believe
> that the intention is to mandate spaces only in Python 3.0. On the
> other hand, I'm not holding my breath waiting for Guido to decide

What's bad about tabs?  I'm new to Python.  Tabs are good because then you
can view the source however you want.  I can't write in 4 space tabs and
someone else can change it to 2 if they prefer.  But I can see the problem
with continuation lines.  Also it must be ALL tabs or ALL spaces.  This
shouldn't be too hard -- most editors have the "tabify" option.


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