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Dave Brueck <dave at pythonapocrypha.com> wrote previously:
|> > Think about it: even intuitively, 255 is *way* too low for a population
|> > of 275 million (that's essentially zero - in a population that size 255
|> > people probably die in sneezing-releated incidents every year)

The page at:


Let's you slice-and-dice injury mortality rates in quite a few ways.
You can check by age, by state, race, sex, and others.  You can try
different time periods and normalizations.  In a morbid way, it's a
fascinating URL.  This doesn't include other causes of mortality like
disease, but some other CDC pages have useful info there.

The number I posted was adverse effects -excluding- medical care--i.e.
accidental over-ingestion of aspirin, which seemed closest to the
category Dave initially suggested.

However, the CDC lists 2804 deaths from adverse effects in medical care,
or about 1 per 100k.  However, poisonings are at 20,230 in Y2000, which
is 7.35/100k.  I'm not sure how the CDC split out adverse effects from
poisonings (obviously, -no- amount of insecticide is desirable to
digest, but a lot of things have dosage transitions between useful and

Anyway, I find the CDC to be pretty darn definitive in these reports.
Maybe not flawless, but a lot better than particular political advocacy
groups (whether pro- or anti-gun, or MAAD, or environmental [pro- or
con-], etc).

Yours, Lulu...

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