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> Dear Mr. Hammond,
> thank you for your answer, and even more for making Python on win32
> possible at all. I do realise my question resembles some previous
> postings, and the answer you gave me was allready given.
> However, I'll try to restate my question in other words: could anybody
> give me a pointer to any kind of literature enabling me to produce my
> own type library? Some easy to understand beginners guide to COM,
> explaining also the typical registry entries? Well if there are no
> tlb-s in win32com, I just might manage to get them in there :-)
> Thanks, all you kind people.
> Nenad Propadovic
> P.S. Starting a contract work at BMW, I just realised the penetration
> of Python in the german automotive industry seems to be quite descent.
> This is due to a tool-suite by a company named DSpace, which uses
> Python as its scripting language...

"Inside COM+ Base Services" From MS Press is the first book you should
read.  It should probably be read by anyone trying to do serious COM
work.  There is at least one chapter on Type Libraries in the book.

Once you get through that the library reference at should fill in the blanks.

However, both of these references will assume you know C/C++
reasonably well (and maybe some VB on msdn).

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