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My name is Nick Soutter, I am the owner of a small game company in San
Diego, CA called Aepox Games (

Our first product, Andromeda Online (, goes
commercial in a few months.

We are in pre-production of our second project, codenamed "Avalon". It is a

We have started a working relationship with a hosting company which can host
our game, to our specifications, with up to 1 millions simultaneous players
online with no lag (, partnered with IBM, using an ingenious
method of data management to offer stability, reliability, and ultra fast
reaction time with no lag).

Because we are a small company, cost is an extremely limiting factor. We don
't have a lot of funds to throw at this, though we hope the success of
Andromeda Online will help. Our arrangement with will allow us
to pay on demand- as we gain more subscribers, we pay them proportionately,
drastically reducing our upfront costs.

There are two areas we are now lacking:

1: We need python scripters. Much of the programming used for the servers
must necessarily be in python. The bulk of our code will be in Python, and
we have no access to Python programmers at the moment.

2: We need people capable of programming vast worlds in the CrystalSpace 3d
engine. While we do have excellent graphic artists on hand, we have no-one
capable of developing the lands and cities in this game. We have chosen
CrystalSpace because of our financial concerns.

We are looking for Python programmers, and CrystalSpace developers.

We are hopefully going to be able to pay a decent wage, but probably not a
fully commensurate salary. Our company is strapped for cash. In addition to
pay, however, we have a lot to offer. We are offering the potential for a
long term job (if Avalon does well, we'll need continued support for years
to come). We are offering the chance to get in on the ground floor of a
budding game company. We also believe fully in giving credit to those who
work for us. For you budding programmers, this is the chance for a big
project, where you are needed, appreciated, and your work will be public and

We are in pre-development. We have not begun production. Production is not
slated to begin for another 6 months.

We would like people in the San Diego area, it makes things mildly easier.
HOWEVER, it is not a requirement. Andromeda was done with most of us never
physically meeting the programmer. We have strong internet management and
development resources.

At present, we are simply trying to get some names, get a feel for who might
be interested, the kind of experience they may have, and what our resources
may be before we begin.

Anybody interested, please send me an email, with your resume, at
nsoutter at

Please only send us your resume if you are interested.

Sending us your resume is not a promise you will take the project, nor is
accepting your resume a promise of getting a job. We are simply trying to
see who is interested, and what they can do.

Thank you for your time, and I hope you consider us.

Nick Soutter

Aepox Games

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