Win32 documentation in CHM?

Michael Peuser mpeuser at
Sat Aug 30 12:14:42 CEST 2003

"Robin Becker" <robin at> schrieb im Newsbeitrag
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> It seems the Gods are proposing to distribute the documentation and help
> for Python-2.3.1 in .chm form. I particularly detest .chm and much
> prefer .html as it works across all platforms. Additionally by having a
> single index.html for all of the various bits of Python help I can link
> in things like Pmw, PIL and Quick Guide etc with a simple text editor.
> The argument is made that .chm is a better mechanism (more searchable
> indexable etc) for help/documentation than html. Is that really so? HTML
> is at least an open standard.

chm is more compact and nicely packaged. It in fact is basically nothing but
html and you can unpack it if you want. There are lots of tools - look for
arCHMage  e.g. which is a Unix chm viewer and decompiler...

Michael P

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