Anonymous class question

Dan Williams dan at
Thu Aug 7 03:42:28 CEST 2003

Python experts,

Is there a more pythonic way to do something evquilent to what this line 
does without creating a dummy class?

self.file = type("", (object,), {'close':lambda slf: None})()

As you can guess, I want a dummy object that I can call close on with 

I've been reading _Python in a Nutshell_ (Thanks, Alex!), which defines 
a Bunch class that I think could also work, but if I'm only going to use 
it to define a class with a dummy close() method, I might as well just 
create the dummy class with the dummy method. . . Unless there is 
something equvilent to Bunch in one of the standard modules that I don't 
know about . . .?

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