Problem w/ IDLE on Win2000

David Lees abcdebl2nonspammy at
Wed Aug 6 07:17:19 CEST 2003

Thomas Rivas wrote:
> Unable to launch IDLE(fork?) from the new Py 2.3. Anybody else have this
> problem. Solutions?
> Thanks.
> Tom Rivas
I think I have the same problem.  When the Win2000 Start menu, 'IDLE' 
icon is clicked, the hourglass-wait icon goes on for a second and then 
disappears.  I can see a new process startup 'pythonw.exe', but nothing 
appears on the screen.

I believe the problem is the same one previously discussed with respect 
to Windows XP.  IDLE can not be in a path where any of the directory 
names have a space.  Unfortunately, 'program files' has a space in it. 
I found that I can start idle up by going directly to the idle 
executable which on my pc is under:
'program files\python23\lib\idlelib\idle.exe

Creating a shortcut to IDLE and then placing it on my desktop seems to 
work just fine for starting it up.

David Lees

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