simple text parser?

Brandon J. Van Every vanevery at
Sun Aug 17 11:09:45 CEST 2003

I'm making a 2D game with a simple "adjacent freeform territories" map.  I
need to make save files for this.  I figure I could store the data in either
binary or text.  The amount of data to be stored should be small enough that
efficiency and size do not matter.  What does matter, is I don't want to
spend any time at all on this.  I want something off-the-shelf.

Can anyone recommend simple text parsers implemented in Python?

Alternately, doesn't Python have some kind of automagical serialization
pack/unpack functionality?  How does that work?  I remember reading
something about that in the Python docs awhile ago.  Before you scream RTFM,
bear in mind that my current plan is to write versions of this game in C# /
.NET and Python / WhateverWidgets simultaneously.  I'm ignorant of both
platforms, this is an excuse to do a comparo.  And, the whole point of
moving to higher level language development is to minimize pain.  Asking
questions here rather than reinventing the wheel is part of that agenda.  I
want to handle this problem off-the-shelf.

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