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Brandon J. Van Every vanevery at
Tue Aug 19 09:29:52 CEST 2003

David Eppstein wrote:
> Googling for that, it seems that the only other stuff you would lose
> by killfiling references containing that hostname would be his six-way
> crossposts to alt.atheism, alt.politics.bush,,
> soc.culture.iraq, soc.culture.jewish, soc.culture.russian, and
> soc.history.war.misc... Some people are still saying he isn't a troll?

What are you talking about?  I've never initiated any such crosspost.  I
simply hit (R)eply Group because I, like most people, am too lazy to massage
newsgroup headers all day long.  Do I respond to trolls in political forums?
You bet your ass I do.  As far as I'm concerned, you've already accepted the
nature of the beast subscribing to such a forum.  Your job is to entertain
yourself, and spread something that's truth rather than complete bullshit.
I also don't spend a lot of time in such forums, it's an occasional
dalliance of mine.  If you're thorough and fair-minded in your analysis of
my posting habits, you'll discover that fact.

Brandon Van Every               Seattle, WA

20% of the world is real.
80% is gobbledygook we make up inside our own heads.

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