Reviewers _Text Processing in Python_

David Mertz mertz at
Thu Aug 21 18:24:31 CEST 2003

In the couple months since it was printed, my book seems to have been
selling fairly well.  Not that I actually know concrete numbers, but I
have looked at Amazon's "sales rank" -way- too often.

However, I've been a bit disappointed not to see more reviews of the
book appear.  While it's possible I've missed something, all I've really
seen is Ron Stephens very kind notice that appeared on slashdot, as well
as other places.

So I would be extremely pleased to get a free reviewer's copy into the
hands of anyone likely to publish a review.  By "publish", btw., I have
a very liberal sense--obviously print is good, but anywhere on topical
websites, mailing lists, etc. is good too.

Anyone interested, please email me, and I'll let Addison Wesley know
your shipping info--they seem quite happy to send out more free copies
(btw. this need not be USA; since I don't need to ship them directly, I
presume AW will send from local distributors).  Of course, you won't get
an inscribed/signed version, as the buyers of my (sold-out) author's
copies did :-).

Yours, David...

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