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Sat Aug 16 20:57:10 CEST 2003

Well, of course you are absolutly right, but we are real programmers aren't
we. And all interface is english (with even less typos than in my postings

Given, that Visual Wx is meant for C++ as a lot of other GUI Builders.
Python and Perl is a side issue, but it seems to work. For a preview you can
only use:

Build - Run which starts the Python interpreter with the Python code. But
where is the code?

- Make a new Project
- Select a template that sounds good: Menu_Toolbar_Python e.g.
- Store it somewhere.

Now it is a little disappointing that nothing breathtaking pops up.
But you already can "RUN" it. Looks great.
Use the tree at the right hand side to open the design of MyFrame or look at
the source code (Python). In seems there is something missing (MyApp,
MyFrame), but you can open the sources using the L-Icon. The problem now is,
that the file types is set to Python and - hey presto - there are the files.

Well, all over a little immature but that's the situation with most of the
tools, which were meant for C++ und got a Perl/Python outlet...

Michael Peuser

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> Michael Peuser wrote:
> >
> >
> > Well try it out then - a little bit English is in it ;-)
> >
> Sorry. I don't see any information on that page on how to use Visual
> Wx.  It tells how to download and install, and I succeeded at that.
> The program runs, showing me a nice UI with thee panels.  The left
> panel looks to be a list of wx classes that I can add to my project.
> The central panel can display source code.  The right panel is a
> tree control showing an outline of the project.
> There is no explanation of how to use these panels to create any
> specific results.  The word 'visual' in the name of the program
> vaguely suggests that I get to see what my UI looks like as I
> design it, but I haven't found any way to get visual wx to show
> me anything that looks like a display of the ui of the project
> being worked on.  I'm pretty well lost at that point.
> There is a forum link from the web page, but last I looked, the
> postings are all in Italian.  I'm certainly not criticizing
> someone who speaks and writes Italian for not writing English.
> I'm not saying that the program isn't very good.  It looks like
> it might be very good even if I have drawn an unjustified
> inference about what 'visual' means.   I'm just suggesting that
> if anyone who knows English uses Visual Wx to some advantage,
> and if they could post somewhere just a few paragraphs about how
> to use it, Visual Wx could have a place on the list of answers
> to the GUI-builder question.
> Al

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