What's TOTALLY COMPELLING about Ruby over Python?

Ben Finney bignose-hates-spam at and-benfinney-does-too.id.au
Tue Aug 19 06:45:54 CEST 2003

On Mon, 18 Aug 2003 21:32:55 -0700, Erik Max Francis wrote:
> "Brandon J. Van Every" wrote:
>> Erik, every time you have ever been "responded to," it's been an
>> indirect quote.
> Brandon (gotta love that; direct address to someone he's "killfiled"),

In this instance, as in all others, Brandon responded to your comment as
seen in someone else's post.

> adults use killfiles so that they don't have to see posts they've
> decided, for whatever reason, that they wish not to read anymore.  If
> you really wanted to killfile me to avoid reading my posts, you'd
> adjust your killfile to toss emails that were in response to me, or at
> least show the self-restraint not to read -- and respond! -- to them.

Brandon accesses comp.lang.python via Usenet, not email.  His
X-Newsreader header shows he is using Outlook Express.  I don't know of
any newsreaders that can allow you to filter on the person(s) to whom
the current post is responding -- nor any email clients with the
facility, for that matter.

The "References" header could theoretically allow you get that
information, but it would be expensive to do so for every message,
especially in long-running threads.

Seeing second-hand comments (as quoted by others) from people in one's
killfile is a hazard of Usenet.

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