anti-aliased 2D vector graphics

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On Fri, 01 Aug 2003 07:57:29 GMT, rumours say that "Andy C"
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>Where can I get a python package to draw such figures?  I googled and found
>PyX, I guess it outputs PostScript.  I guess I can get a PostScript to BMP
>converter or something.  Is there any other alternative?
>I have looked at PIL, but it doesn't seem to support drawing anti-aliased
>figures.  Thanks for any suggestions.

Use PIL, and draw on an image twice the size (2*width, 2*height) as the
one you want.  When you're done, resize the image --BILINEAR works fine
in this case.

You will need to draw thicker lines & arcs (I don't remember ATM if you
can use a <width> parameter with drawing methods)... create a custom
class to manage drawing double lines and arcs / circles when needed.
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