bug in file.write() ?

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Mon Aug 4 20:31:01 CEST 2003

Bengt Richter wrote:
> By any chance are you doing compression implicitly with the compressor using
> the destination disk as temp space in some way that requires a complete
> temp image before copying and before deleting? Maybe if so it can be
> reconfigured to use space elsewhere or just rename (hm, rename on CDRW
> isn't implemented as copy, based on renamee not being modifiable, is it?)
No, the step that created the zip completely runs on the harddisk. The 
step that fails simply does a copy.

Is anyone able to reproduce the error? i.e.
1- take a file that's more than 50% of the target CD-RW in size
2- do a simple shutil.copy(from, to)
and get the same result?

I'd just like to know if it is my PC only, or a more general issue. Just 
to keep the developers from chasing phantoms.

> Still wonder about threads too...
If it doesn't make any difference to your well-being, then don't. That's 
what Buddha said ;-)

> Regards,
> Bengt Richter

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