Help embedding python

Zora Honey zhoney at
Mon Aug 25 20:04:05 CEST 2003

Peter Hansen wrote:
> Zora Honey wrote:
>>My husband and I are writing a program that does a lot of math behind
>>the scenes (c++) with a gui front (python/Tkinter).  We've decided that
>>we want the c++ to be the "driver", and so we want to embed the python.
> It's a little unclear (to me) exactly what you're trying to do,
> but in any case I can't imagine why you'd want to have C++ "drive"
> the Python code (if that's what you meant by "driver", as opposed to
> the more common sense as in "device driver") instead of the other
> way around.
> And my inability to imagine why you want this is compounded by your
> choice of Python and Tkinter for the front end.  It is much more 
> common to have the front end be the "driving" code, and the back end
> be "driven", especially in CPU-intensive applications as it sounds 
> like you have here.
> -Peter

Okay.  Let's assume that the choice to embed the python was a 
well-reasoned decision.  Or assume that I want to embed some python for 
the pure joy of doing so.  Can you help?


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