ANNOUNCE: Rekall V2.0.2

Benoit Caron news at
Tue Aug 12 05:19:07 CEST 2003

Istvan Albert wrote:
> john at wrote:
>> I have made a lot of changes many of them as a direct result to 
>> everybodies
>> suggests. I hope that I have got it right this time
>> BTW I have add a lot of screen shots to the Contents->About 
>> Rekall->Screen
>> Shots page
> This is still so silly.
> On your page instead of directly linking to the screenshots you are 
> (just as abouve) listing the steps one needs to take to get there.
> The whole site makes no sense. If you have a product to sell you must 
> allow people to understand everything right away.  I would get rid of 
> this whole you must register first nonsense.
> cheers,
> Istvan.

I suppose from the reaction to the quirks of the website that this kind 
of application would fill a need. Am I wrong?

I myself had begun to play a bit (with only my pen, for the moment) with 
the idea of building this kind of application. The way I see the thing, 
it would be built that way :

- Written in python : I want to (finally) learn it well, and I feel that 
the langage would do a better job than, say, Perl, for a thing looking 
like Access.
- wxPython as the toolkit : it is more "usable" freely on windows due to 
the licensing/etc. on windows
- Use an embedded database : if we want to "attack" Access, we must be 
"standalone" and must not need a "real,big" database installation. I 
thought about sqlite, but I did'nt dig enough on this to decide yet. 
Anyway, the point would be to make it possible to "switch" the model 
from a database system to an another. This way, the thing could be used 
as a "prototyping" solution. But I digress
- Make it possible to build form easily. I thought about wrapping up 
wxGlade, for it feel for me as clear and easy to use, and the code 
looked clean at first sight.
- Make it possible to use these forms as independant application, or 
export it :
- Make it possible to "export" as a "website" : either by doing a 
report-like query, or by "translating" the built form to HTML. This 
would mean a way to use the core of the engine as a CGI wrapper, and to 
transform the XML format of the wxGlade form to an XHTML format, via 
XSLT probably.
- Make it OpenSource. I looked at rekall and it look not that bad, but I 
hardly see how this can take away "mindshare" from Access.
- Make it simple. I also looked at the well-hidden database features of, and it was just to confusing... and I just can't imagine 
a poor simple guy like myself diving in OOo source code... :o\

The goal being to build an application that make somebody able to build 
a small database-using application with no fuss, with the option of 
building "semi-automatically" a web interface to it's database.

So, anybody think this would have users?

PS : excuse my faulty english, it is obviously not my prime langage.

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