advice choosing IDE

Alex Martelli aleaxit at
Mon Aug 18 15:51:17 CEST 2003

Michael Peuser wrote:
> PyQt and their GUI Builder (that would be free for non commercial work) if
> you plan to do *a lot* of GUI applications. The GUI Builder is *not* an
> Python IDE, so that is somewhat off topic ;-)

theKompany's BlackAdder is a commercial Python IDE which supports PyQt (and
the QtDesigner "GUI builder", etc etc); $50 for personal use and (I don't
recall, exactly, but about) $300 for commercial use right now (will become
higher when it gets out of beta, which should be soon -- so, grab it now
while it's cheap, as purchasing the beta license will automatically upgrade
to the non-beta when that time comes).  "eric3" (which I haven't used but
I've heard good things about) is a free Python IDE which also supports
PyQt (and, I think, QtDesigner in particular) -- not sure if you're allowed
to use that for commercial projects (in which case no doubt you'll need to
purchase the appropriate commercial licenses for Qt and PyQt -- BlackAdder
comes with the commercial licenses you need, including ones for 
redistribution if you purchase the commercial version of BlackAdder).


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