round(22.47,2) gives 22.469999999999999?

Thomas Andrews thomaso at
Wed Aug 6 13:38:09 CEST 2003

Eric van Riet Paap wrote:

> Hi,
> On python2.1.3, python2.2.1 and python2.2.3 round(22.47,2) gives 
> 22.469999999999999 . Does anyone know if this is a bug or some weird, yet 
> unexpected, behaviour?
> P.S. I haven't tested python2.3, but python1.5.2 doesn't have this problem.

In IDLE, just typing:

 >>> 22.47

That seems to indicate that 22.47 is best approximated by the floating 
number 22.499999999999.

Rounding should probably not be used for gettting "formatable" values. 
Instead, you can do something like:

 >>> "%.2f" % 22.47

if you want a string version of the number rounded to 2 decimal places.


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