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Peter Hansen peter at
Tue Aug 26 00:16:33 CEST 2003

Just wrote:
> In article <bidmuo$90l$1 at>,
>  Zora Honey <zhoney at> wrote:
> > [ ... ]  The reason I didn't include rationale is
> > because I have none.  I have been advocating extending python instead of
> > embedding it, but since I have no experience with either, my only
> > argument is that it seems more natural.
> Have a look at
> It may be a rant, but it makes some good points.

Rant or no, it does make many of the points I would like to have
been able to make had I a better grasp of the specifics of 
embedding versus extending.  Suffice to say that my objections
are largely abstract, based on fairly lengthy experience with
design issues like this, but Glyph's "rant" sure sounds like it
covers this in a _concrete_ way.

Zora, your husband isn't necessarily wrong, but probably just
more comfortable with C++ right now.  If that's so, I think he would 
benefit greatly by spending the time to follow Glyph's sound advice, 
and by becoming familiar enough with Python to feel things are 
the other way around: Python calling C++ (or C) is quite a bit
simpler, and has other advantages in terms of flexibility and
ease of debugging, not to mention readability.


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