ANN: Snakelets 1.1 (simple-to-use web app server with dynamic pages)

Irmen de Jong irmen at
Tue Aug 5 16:05:08 CEST 2003

Karl Scalet wrote:

> very easy and nice, indeed.
> BTW after a change of the port-number and a restart,
> the server crashed:
> snakeserver/ line 511:
>    the clearPageCache argument is missing

:-(   A small bug indeed. Will fix this ASAP :)
you can easily fix this yourself in the meantime
by adding the missing argument to the call to

> I will play around with Snakelets even more. As far as
> I can see now, it's pretty right for educational
> purposes (at the least).

My purpose was twofold:
- understand better how to write dynamic web applications
- understand the inner workings of a web application server.

Your course, is it about both? Or only the first?

> Do you intend to bring Snakelets up to a production level?
No, I don't.
But if somebody else wants to do that, be my guest :)

> Which one of the current products (Webware?) do you
> think is closest to yours?
I think Webware, because it also has the concept of
'servlets' and 'python server pages'.
Actually, I "borrowed" a few ideas from Webware
for my Ypages :-)


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