What's better about Ruby than Python?

Heiko Wundram heikowu at ceosg.de
Thu Aug 21 18:30:42 CEST 2003

On Thu, 2003-08-21 at 12:19, Aahz wrote:
> In article <ql_0b.1664$Ej6.614 at newsread4.news.pas.earthlink.net>,
> Andrew Dalke <adalke at mindspring.com> wrote:
> >Can we have a deprecation warning for that?  I've never
> >seen it in any code I've reviewed.
> We will, probably 2.4 or 2.5.  (Whenever 3.0 starts getting off the
> ground.)

Hmm... I still use <> exclusively for my code, and I wouldn't really
like it getting deprecated. At least for me, != is more difficult to see
when browsing source than <> is, as != has a striking similarity to ==,
at least at the first glance...

I know <> has been deprecated for long, but I'd much rather have both
syntaxes allowed, also for the future...

But anyway, I guess the way until it will be deprecated is still a long
one, so I won't bother to protest more now... :)


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