PyYaml bug in lists of inlined mappings?

Mark Carter cartermark46 at
Wed Aug 6 13:09:19 CEST 2003

This works:

 -  name: AQ
    over: NF
 -  name: A
    over: B

but this doesn't:

 - [ name: AQ, over: NF ]
 - [ name: A, over: B ]

I have tried various combinations, including using curly brackets, 
different combinations of whitespace, and even using the ?: operator -
without success. So how do I do it?

Also, I tried to view the archives over at Sourceforge:
but all I get is:
Either your mailing list name was misspelled or your mailing list has
not been archived yet. If this list has just been created, please
retry in 2-4 hours

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