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>> Cousin Stanley wrote:
>> > Michele ....
>> > 
>> >     I experience hangs with  SIMPLE  Python/Tk scripts
>> >     regularly using Windows 98 and this has been
>> >     a source of much frustration, almost to the point
>> >     of giving up on Tk ....
>> Same problem, different solution: it made me give up on Windows 98... ;-)
>> FYI, and just to make this post a bit more useful, it seems to be a problem in 
>> Windows 95/98, since no problem ever occured with the same scripts/distros on 
>> Win2k or WinXP, not to mention Unices...
>These are very good news to me, since it means that the fault is not
>and that the approach I came out is not unreasonable (I hope). No bad,
>for my first program using thread ;) For the record, I NEVER use
>Windows for development(actually I use it only for watching  DVDs),
>nevertheless I
>wanted to try the script to check about portability issues.
I'm not sure I would take the reported symptoms to indicate that the problem
for *sure* is win 95/98. It could be that Win2k/XP just handles the problem
in your code better, or because of some 99%-probable timing coincidence, never
sees the problem. Bugs in threaded programs are notoriously hard to nail down.
Put random sleeps and around and run with various other loads and things might change.

Interested to see what you settled on as a minimal pattern though ;-)

Bengt Richter

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