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Tue Aug 19 17:54:22 CEST 2003

		Thank you for your interest in the Hendrick Motorsports Showcar Program. In an attempt to answer your questions more effectively and efficiently, we have developed this automatic response.  If this reply does not satisfactorily answer your questions, we will gladly respond to you personally as soon as possible. 
		·	If you would like more information on how to book a showcar appearance, please provide us with as much information as possible, including your name and fax number so that we may fax a request form to you.  When you receive the form, simply fill in the date, time, location and other information and fax it back to us.  We will respond to you with available dates and costs. 

		·	For an online schedule of public showcar appearances and information on reserving one of the Hendrick Motorsports showcars for your next event, please visit our web address at: <> 

		·	For interest in possible employment with Hendrick Motorsports, please visit <> or call 704-455-3400 and ask for extension 0442

		·	For charity requests, please visit <>  

		·	For any other questions or information, please visit <> 

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