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Sat Aug 2 04:47:28 CEST 2003

"Behrang Dadsetan" <ben at> wrote in message
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> I just read through a few posts and something striked me.
> Many people, just like myself, are too lazy to test the python code
> post here. Most of the time, of course, the code either runs well or
> person asking at least understands what is meant and can fix
eventual bugs.

Careful people, like myself, have learned, often through embarrassing
experience, to either note <untested> or test, cut, and paste.  I
recommend this to everyone for anything much beyond the truely

> Would it not be wonderful to have some kind of integrated python
> interpreter within the news agent/email program, so one could kinda
> select the concerned code (or better, it is automaticly spotted)
> just let it run within the mail? :)

I usually find it easy enough to start up the interpreter and cut and
paste from the draft post.  It is a feature of Python that one can do
so so easily.

Terry J. Reedy

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