PyQT installation problems

Stelian Iancu stelian.iancu at
Wed Aug 20 19:19:54 CEST 2003

Greg Fortune wrote:

> First, there's a PyQT (actually called PyKDE) list for discussing these
> problems and you might get a more insightful answer there.
> Second, I've had problems exactly like that on machines when I tried to
> use
> the version of qt supplied with the distro.  I'm not sure if I didn't get
> all the development headers installed, etc, but I've never had a problem
> when I compiled a new version of qt on the machine and then
> compiled/linked
> all the PyQt stuff against that new version.  Just make sure you point all
> the PyQt related compilations at the new version of qt.
> Obviously, there's a lot of time/work involved in the solution above and
> the PyQt mailing list might have a better answer, but this should be a
> pretty failsafe solution...
> Greg Fortune
> Fortune Solutions

Well, that's what I did in the end. I compiled Qt 3.1.2 from sources and now
it works perfectly. Thanks!

Stelian Iancu
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