py2exe problems

Alessandro Crugnola *sephiroth* alessandro at
Thu Aug 7 17:58:14 CEST 2003

> The canonical test I use is to run the test from the
> PyXML source distribution through py2exe. It works for me, on Windows XP
> Pro, SP 1, py2exe-0.4.1, Python 2.2.2, PyXML-0.8.3, with the command line
> 'python py2exe p encodings'
> and this script:
>   from distutils.core import setup
>   import py2exe
>   setup(name='test_c14n', scripts=[''], version='0')

Sorry, i get always the same error:

  File "<string>", line 170, in ?
  File "imputil.pyc", line 132, in _import_hook
  File "<string>", line 70, in _finish_import
  File "imputil.pyc", line 316, in _load_tail
  File "imputil.pyc", line 271, in _import_one
  File "<string>", line 128, in _process_result
  File "xml\dom\ext\reader\__init__.pyc", line 20, in ?
  LookupError: no codec search functions registered: can't find encoding

python 2.2.3
pyxml 0.8.3


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