packaging windows services?

Thomas Heller theller at
Mon Aug 4 18:08:13 CEST 2003

max <max at> writes:

> Hi all,
> trying to package a windows service into a standalone (no full python
> install needed)
> py2exe works well, except that it only appears to support 'manual
> start' service option and only under default accont. What py2exe
> appears to do is to ignore the
> win32serviceutil.HandleCommandLine(MyService) in the main and just use
> the class (hence the classname requirement on the command line) with
> its own options. The advantage of this approach is that it does not
> require PythonService.exe.
> McMillan does not appear to support services directly. But I do wonder
> if I can combine the exe produced by McMillan with PythonService.exe
> to get something working.
> The other approach is to dig into the py2exe source and swap the
> manual start for automatic.
> suggestions?
I have a patch sitting on the SF py2exe page which does this and more,
I hope I can work on this during this week.

OTOH, you can change the startup options of the service (and the user
account it uses) with the control panel services applet.


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