Brandon's personal style (was)

Ville Vainio vvainio at
Tue Aug 19 14:56:23 CEST 2003

"Brandon J. Van Every" <vanevery at> wrote in message news:<bhsckm$2jbcr$1 at>...

> I'm a pugilist.  If someone punches me, I'd sooner smash their face in and

Now that's the language you don't often see on c.l.p.

> Oh, I don't killfile people *forever*.  The first reprieve generally comes

What's all this power tripping with killfiles? I think they used to be
a big thing something like 10 years ago, but nowadays there is just so
much stuff on the net (outside usenet) that nobody has the time to
read all the articles anyway.

> Case in point: my first "What's better about Ruby than Python?" post.  I
> explicitly said, this is not a troll.  Some chose to flame and accuse
> anyways.  Such people are useless, there is nothing you can do with them.

Really, you could save *so* much energy by learning both, and doing
the comparison by yourself. Give both languages a weekend. That way
you might also have some more interesting material to play devils
advocate with (as long as you don't pick up the significant whitespace
classic ;-).

BTW, I agree with you on some things (Java, Sun, marketing) but I can
easily understand why people become aggravated. They are just not used
to this kind of tone in this newsgroup, however entertaining the
excercise might seem for a while. I've heard that c.l.lisp might be
more suitable for such ambitions.

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