large-scale app development in python?

Paul Rubin http
Sun Aug 24 02:04:05 CEST 2003

jjl at (John J. Lee) writes:
> I've never checked: how many LOC is Zope?

I don't remember but the answer has been posted here before.

> Of course, one has to remember that lower LOC (by a multiple of 5 or
> so, according to some experienced C++, Java and Python developers
> here) is one of the very reasons that people choose Python in the
> first place, so some sort of correction has to be applied, or a more
> sophisticated metric used.

No, LOC is not perfect but IMO it's about as indicative as most
anything else I can think of.  No correction factor should be applied.
It could be that a 100 KLOC Python program does more stuff than a
comparably sized Java program, but that doesn't mean the Python
program is bigger.

I think Zope is in the 100 KLOC range within a factor of some small
integer.  A large application these days may mean 10 MLOC or more.

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