Is Python your only programming language?

c42 nospam at
Tue Aug 12 16:22:32 CEST 2003

After college I started using VB & VBA for most of my bigger projects 
and Winbatch for my system admin stuff. However, as my current company 
has started to move more of its servers to Linux, I'm programming almost 
exclusively in Python. 

In the past I've used Komodo and found it to be very nice tool, but I'm 
also keeping an eye on Boa Constructor with its advances as well.

In article <h9%Za.8225$M6.622467 at>, 
code at says...
> I'm curious about something... many members who have a Java
> background and learned Python have come to the conclusion that Java and
> Python are highly complimentary languages.  They would never consider
> filling the place Java has in their toolbox with Python, but recognize there
> are many tasks where it really pays to add Python to the mix.
> I want to ask you hard-core c.l.p Pythonistas: Do you use Python for
> everything?  (and I'm counting Python + C extensions as just Python)  Or do
> you keep another language equally close at hand, and if so, what is it?  And
> finally, do you foresee a day when Python can be, for all practical intents
> and purposes, your only programming language?

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