Python for medicine

ddoc news at
Thu Aug 14 15:45:50 CEST 2003

Python, as Zope, underlies some candidate medical record systems.

Python is also the programming language for at least one system - GNUMed 
from Australia.

But the specific  slot I see Python as particularly suited to is as a 
generic scripting language for use in (many) medical record and decision 
assist systems.

Currently there are a variety of these, and they tend to have individual 
scripting languages or lack them altogether, partly because their origins 
are in the dawn of time.

There is a certain amount of work available on the Web on what could be 
generic objects, such as the Arden Syntax, a way of defining the steps in 
making a decision.

Rendering such things into Python modules, and leaving it up to the 
individual (proprietary or Open) system suppliers to make use of them and 
provide the lower level piece that interfaces to the specific system in 
question seems like a good way to go, to me.


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