Style question...

Anthony Roberts anthonyr-at-hotmail-dot-com at
Thu Aug 28 06:14:46 CEST 2003

> I think the problem is that people learn to reindent chunks of code by
> the following technique:

Yup. In emacs, it is robust for C and C decendants. Indent region can do it
to entire files.

It's good for structural modifications when you want to change some outer
loop that ends up changing the indent/nesting level of some inner loop.

In Java, which is where I really started to lean of that feature heavily, it
comes with so *many* data structure classes that even though they mostly
share interfaces, you still come up with a cleaner way later on and go back
to change it. I'm finding Python is more a matter of "for x in

But I still change my mind sometimes. :)

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