Developping an EAI server in Python : looking for developpers

Alexander DEJANOVSKI alexander.dejanovski at
Tue Aug 5 08:54:16 CEST 2003

OK, I might not have explain very much of how it works.

It is an Open Adaptor-like program. The fact is that I needed a soft like
OpenAd but I'm pretty deceived by it (too complicated, never gives what I'm
waiting for on the other side of the adaptor).

Like Open Ad, Retic (that's the name of my project), provides components
(sources, pipes and sinks) that can be combined in many ways in order to
retrieve data (from a source) apply changes or transformations (with pipes)
and send it to several destinations (to sinks).
This is driven by config files in XML that contains all components and their
All parent component sends its data (after processing it) to all of its
child element.
So you can have trees that look like that :

    |                |
    |                |_____pipe2
    |                |            |____sink1
    |                |
    |                |
    |                |_____sink2

The main program is called with the config file name as argument, which
starts the adaptor.
When started, it will look for data in the source (for example, a fileSource
has a filePath and a fileFilter arguments, that permit to look for files
matching fileFilter - for ex : a*.txt - in the filePath directory).
If there is nothing to process, the adaptor will wait for some time
(provided in the conf file) before polling again, unless the config file
says that just one poll was wanted (you can specify how many polls you

I call it EAI server since it should permit apps that don't communicate the
same way to work together, using adaptor to translate data or switch
transport protocol.

Hope that helps (about twisted too...)

Project has been approved by sourceforge so I've just uploaded sources to
CVS today ( so feel free to get it and
take a look.
To launch it, use It will use the config file test_adaptor.xml.
Required are :

Python 2.3
4suite 1.0a3
and PyXML 0.8.3

"Irmen de Jong" <irmen at> wrote in message
news:3f2e9581$0$49107$e4fe514c at
> Alexander DEJANOVSKI wrote:
> > I'm starting a new project to develop an Open-Source EAI server in
> > and I'm looking for motivated developpers and testers.
> > It is inspired by Open Adaptor (_www.openadaptor.org_
> > <>), but aims to be easier
> > to use and more powerful.
> Could you please summarize what the goals of this project are?
> And how it relates to Open Adaptor? (which I don't have the time
> to read about).
> --Irmen

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