[Python] Re: command -- It works , on linux

Chris Gonnerman chris.gonnerman at newcenturycomputers.net
Wed Aug 6 02:25:00 CEST 2003

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From: "Syver Enstad" <syver-en+usenet at online.no>

> Alex Martelli <aleax at aleax.it> writes:
> > Have you tried installing Gonnerman's "Alternative Readline",
> > http://newcenturycomputers.net/projects/readline.html ?  I have
> > found it extremely useful to gain the gist of readline's
> > functionality on Windows installatons of Python.
> Ehemm... How do you use readline? What should it do? 
> Does it work on 2.3? I tried installing but the readline function had
> a different function prototype so I guess it doesn't work.

I don't have a version for 2.3 yet.  Give me time, and
I'll get it built (after I download the 2.3 installer and
build a MinGW32 import library for it).

Chris Gonnerman -- chris.gonnerman at newcenturycomputers.net

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