How to make tree of dictionaries?

Vlad Sirenko zcoder at
Thu Aug 14 01:13:12 CEST 2003

>>>>> "Michael" == Michael Peuser writes:

 >> ($month,$date,$hour,$minute,$sec,$year) = ($1,$2,$3,$4,$5,$6); 
 >> $statistics->{$year}->{$month}->{$date} += $sec; 

 Michael> This is what I love Perl for!  BTW: Do you really mean += ?  This
 Michael> does nor match yourt example, neither seems to make much
 Michael> sense. Perhaps a misconception?
It doesn't matter. I just wanted to express the main idea and you caught it
everything else has minor meaning.

 >> tmp_year = stats.setdefault(year, {}) 
 >> tmp_month = tmp_year.setdefault(month, {}) 
 >> tmp_month[date] = tmp_month.setdefault(date, 0) + sec

 Michael> *I* think this is less readable than the Python expression!  
Did you mean Perl expression? If so, may be it's time for another language

 Michael> Note that *get* and *setdefault* are most powerful operations on
 Michael> mapping types once you get used to them, that is... ;)
Mapping types give great power and flexibility when programmer need to
describe and manage structured data.


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