Building extensions with mingw32 -- bdist_wininst fails.

David Rushby woodsplitter at
Wed Aug 6 22:39:37 CEST 2003

"Chris Gonnerman" <chris.gonnerman at> wrote in message news:<mailman.1060174355.20235.python-list at>...
> [...]
> error: Python was built with version 6 of Visual Studio, and extensions 
> need to be built with the same version of the compiler, but it isn't
> installed.
> I checked the archives regarding that error message and found a conversation
> wherein Jeremy Hylton claimed he might have added the code to detect this,
> and Paul Moore asked to have it removed/disabled at least for mingw32 (which
> makes binaries 100% compatible with MSVC6).  In the case given then, the
> extension wouldn't build at all; now it builds but I can't make a Windows
> installer from it.
> mingw32 should be treated as 100% equivalent to MSVC6 in all cases...
> please.  I've got people clamoring for two of my extensions (and I didn't
> even think they were popular) but I can't build installers.
> Is there any way I can get this to work?

I have no trouble doing what you describe (with Python 2.1.3, 2.2.3,
or 2.3).

The core Pythons I'm using were compiled with MSVC 6 SP5 on Windows
2000 SP4, but I can build extension modules and installers just fine
with MinGW (3.0-rc4).  The only preparatory step was to generate
libpythonXX.a, as described in the Section 6.2.2 of the standard
library docs.

Are you sure your compiler setup is correct?  Was the core Python 2.3
you're using actually built with MSVC 6, as the error message claims?

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