Is Python your only programming language?

BadJake john at
Tue Aug 12 22:13:32 CEST 2003

Python comes a close second to C++. I have never in my life and never will
touch  VB nor ASP
All my system maintenance tools on bothe Windows and Linux are written in
Python is at the heart on Rekall, our programmable database client. Also I
use Python to control the building, and packaging of the many variant of
Rekall. In my work environment Python is everywhere with the exception of
our web site. This because I cann't convince my ISP to include Python
instead of or along with PHP. It is a great pity almost all ISPs world wide
only offer the MySQL/PHP/Perl combination. I dislike both Perl and MySQL
intensely and I tolerate PHP. I would much rather be able to make use of
Python and PostreSQL for providing dynamic data content for my web site.
BTW, if anybody knows of a cheap hosting service which offers Python and
PostgreSQL, please let me know.
What ever happened to customer choice?


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