ANN: pychains-0.1.0

Rich Harkins rich at
Mon Aug 11 22:56:33 CEST 2003

pychains is a C-based python module providing a couple of useful Python
types that delegate certain requests (__getitem__ and __getattr__) to
other objects.  Using pychains one can create dictionaries that are
aggregates of other dictionaries, objects whose attributes come from
numerous other objects, etc.  Documentation, as it stands, is available
on the home page as is the download link:


This code is *very* alpha.  I'm using it in some of my projects and it
hasn't crashed in a while so I'm allowing it into the source-compiling
public for further testing, etc.  I'm suspicious it may be leaking
memory and I cannot guarantee it won't do something horrible.  PLEASE
don't use it where it doesn't belong (mission critical stuff).


Rich Harkins <rich at>

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