swocket installation

gappy fake at email.com
Fri Aug 22 14:05:11 CEST 2003

Has anyone succeeded in installing swocket and getting it working?

After all my best efforts I get

Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "G:\Python23\Lib\swocketserver.py", line 12, in ?
  File "G:\downloads\swocket-0.1pre2\swocket\swocket\server.py", line 203,
in __init__
  File "G:\downloads\swocket-0.1pre2\swocket\swocket\server.py", line 211,
in validate
    if not type(self.logmodule.logClass).__name__      == 'class'   : raise
configError('%s.logClass must be a class' % self.moduleName)
AttributeError: configHost instance has no attribute 'moduleName'

Am I starting it right? (the right command)

It's really hard because it didn't come with any instructions.. A search
came up with nothing but duds.

Any help really appreciated.

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