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Tue Aug 19 08:46:51 CEST 2003

Asun Friere wrote:
> "Brandon J. Van Every" <vanevery at> wrote in message
>> Man, it's clear that I've got an entire hate group around here to
>> exterminate!
> Doesn't that just mean a lot of people will be able to talk about you
> behind your back without your ever realising?

That's the point!  I *want* them to!  I look so, so much better when people
abuse me and I don't answer them at all.  People figure out pretty quick
who's really full of it or not.  The killfile makes the process...
automatic.  It's just messy now because the killfile is still being built.

> Congratulations, you've just managed to deprive yourself of the often
> insightful contributions of a regular poster to this newsgroup.

Lulu??!?  You think with the kind of barb he made, that my e-mail address is
synonymous with "troll," that I care about his insights? or think that he
has any to offer?  Even if he does, I'll decline that trouble.  It ain't
worth it.

> I wonder if you wouldn't be better off simply not participating in
> Usenet groups at all.  You'll save significant amounts of diskspace
> without that killfile of yours,

Please.  We all know how tiny text storage is, EVEN WHEN IMPLEMENTED IN
PYTHON.  ;-)

> not to mention keystrokes.

True.  The problem is, I'm still young and stupid enough to believe that I
can have a cumulative effect on Usenet behavior.  Maybe in 10 years I'll see
the light.

> But please
> feel free to add me to your much vaunted killfile as well, that way
> you don't have to listen one of the few people who, in this thread,
> actually took your question seriously and gave a substantive answer.

It's not that easy.  You have to actually insult me, show an incapacity to
rate me as anything but "troll," and/or demonstrate your complete
unwillingness to be useful.  The exact combo is a judgement call, but easily
seen when there.  For example, Doug Tolton fulfilled the criteria, albeit
barely.  Albeit again, quite deliberately, so not so barely.  You yourself
have failed, you will have to try harder if you want into my killfile.

Brandon Van Every               Seattle, WA

20% of the world is real.
80% is gobbledygook we make up inside our own heads.

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