How do I get a reference to a KEY value of a dictionary?

Bengt Richter bokr at
Sun Aug 3 03:24:02 CEST 2003

On Sat, 02 Aug 2003 23:34:20 GMT, "Andy C" <ayc8NOSPAM at> wrote:

>> Google("intern-like memory saver").
>Well, that seems very sensical, so how come it hasn't made it into the
>language?  And what's wrong with intern?  (Though intern only works on
>strings, not for immutable objects in general.  I believe someone was asking
>a pretty much identical question here, and someone replied with the
>'memoize' pattern).
>Can this be done without C, now that you can subclass the built-in
For a subclass of dict that may be of interest, see my post in this thread
timestamped less than 2 minutes before this post of yours ;-)

Bengt Richter

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