Rebol Size

Rodrigo Benenson rodrigob at
Thu Aug 28 04:38:36 CEST 2003

Thanks for the comments, but I have a point: deployability.

Rebol is not great or unique due of his features. It is cool because it is
truly deployable. Everyone can download 500 kb and start playing with tiny

Actually I'm develloping a collaborative editor using Python and Twisted.
But it is a shine to distribute it (10 Mb downloads, with dependencies,

As python do not compile machine language and Twisted is huge, it is very
difficult to distribute real word applications in python.

I think that this is the major weakness of actual Python.

cx_freeze, python2exe, etc... does not seems satisfactory solutions as much
as I know, specially considering I'm a linux user.

Maybe zipimport and the Python Packages Repository will provide in the near
future more effective solutions (something like a Python Package Manager,
with pseudo automatic installs ? ).


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